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Lift malfunction triggers panic at GB hospital, patients’ families stranded


By TC News Desk

Agartala, August 16: A distressing incident unfolded at GB Hospital on Wednesday as family members of numerous patients found themselves trapped within a malfunctioning lift. This alarming incident is not an isolated occurrence, as previous incidents of a similar nature have plagued the hospital. Despite the recurrence, it appears that the hospital administration has not addressed the issue effectively.

Reportedly, several individuals accompanying patients to GB Hospital became ensnared in an elevator, prompting panicked cries and screams from those trapped. The episode sent shockwaves throughout the hospital premises, triggering a chaotic scene. Private security guards on duty valiantly intervened, managing to rescue each stranded individual one by one and bringing them safely to the ground.

One individual caught in the elevator disclosed that a total of 15 people had been trapped, fortunately without any physical harm. However, the ordeal triggered a wave of anxiety among those affected. The incident is suspected to have been caused by elevator overload, leading to an abrupt breakdown.

The hospital premises were filled with the poignant cries of patients and their families following the incident, reflecting the heightened emotions stemming from the harrowing experience. Shockingly, the hospital authorities failed to respond promptly to the distressing situation, a fact that has raised eyebrows and concerns among the hospital’s patrons.

This incident has once again highlighted the need for stringent maintenance and vigilant oversight of crucial facilities within medical institutions, with hopes that such incidents can be minimized in the future. The hospital administration is urged to take immediate action to rectify the issue and ensure the safety and well-being of its patients and their families.

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