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Local residents apprehend suspected gold thief, handed over to police


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, October 17, 2023: In a dramatic turn of events, vigilant local residents in Santirbazar took swift action against a suspected gold thief, resulting in his arrest and subsequent handover to the local police.

The incident revolves around allegations that a group of individuals, believed to be hailing from Bihar, have been orchestrating a series of gold thefts under the pretext of cleaning gold ornaments within the Santirbazar area. Their modus operandi involves washing gold jewellery with a specific liquid, which effectively extracts some of the gold from the ornaments. This crafty ploy has allowed the thieves to slyly pilfer gold while appearing to provide a legitimate service.

On a fateful Tuesday, during the commission of a robbery in a residence in Santirbazar, the homeowner became aware of the ongoing theft. Swiftly responding to the alarming situation, the homeowner alerted the local community. In a resolute display of communal vigilance, residents converged in the vicinity of Santirbazar Community Hall.

Their collective efforts bore fruit as they managed to apprehend one of the suspected thieves from the gang. Although one individual from the group managed to evade capture, the captured suspect was promptly handed over to the Santirbazar police for further investigation.

The incident stands as a testament to the resolve of the local community in Shantir Bazar to protect their neighbors and property, contributing to the swift arrest of the alleged gold thief. The police are now tasked with conducting a thorough investigation into the matter and bringing the culprits to justice.

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