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Manik Sarkar  lambasted govt for launching attack on media, accuses to help coporators


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 8th October 2023: In a stark critique of the current government’s policies, Politburo member and former chief minister  Manik Sarkar condemned what he described as a concerted assault on the media – a fundamental pillar of democracy.

Sarkar, addressing the 16th conference of All India Lawyers Union at Agartala Town Hall, lamented the overwhelming control of print, electronic, and web media by large corporations and monopoly capitalists, asserting that this has resulted in a stifling of voices critical of government actions.

“The government has launched a massive attack on the media, the fourth pillar of democracy. For example, currently 90 to 95 percent of print media, electronics media and web media are managed by large corporators and monopoly capitalists. But to rise above it is being brought under the name of attack on those who are presenting the activities of the government to the people”, said Sarkar.

He said that the most anti-people reactionary government is currently in power in the country after the independence of the country. This government has created a complicated situation in the whole country and RSS is supporting this government from behind.

“And they are working to increase the profits of the big capitalists without doing anything for the benefit of the people of the country. As a result, during this government, farmers are not able to produce crops, workers are being laid off, and there is an extreme lack of employment. People are dying of starvation. The state is no exception. The state is going through the same situation”, he said.

He further accused the government of suppressing dissent, stating, “They attempt to hold protesters accountable, seeking to stifle any form of democratic opposition.”

Sarkar insisted that the current scenario necessitates a concerted effort to defend democracy.Sarkar emphasized that the only recourse in these circumstances is persistent struggle.

“There is no alternative to overcoming this situation except through unwavering perseverance and struggle,” he urged, making a clarion call for the government’s ouster”,  he said.

The conference witnessed the presence of esteemed leaders such as Ramendra Debnath and Abhijit Ghosh, who echoed Sarkar’s sentiments, highlighting the urgency of the situation.

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