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Manik Sarkar reflects on party weakness and advocates for women’s political role


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 24th January 2024:   In a solemn memorial meeting held at Bhanu Ghosh Smriti Bhavan here on Wednesday, Politburo member and former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar addressed the gathering, shedding light on the party’s vulnerabilities.

Sarkar emphasized that over the past 25 years, the party has predominantly focused on development, spanning from the grassroots level to the government. However, he underscored a noticeable deficit, especially in the political involvement of the women’s organization within the middle class.

Sarkar acknowledged that women faced challenges such as attacks, torture, and imprisonment, asserting that these adversities should not deter their engagement. He pointed out that the struggling role of women during the previous coalition government could not be seamlessly transitioned to the current coalition government post-2018. Nevertheless, he expressed optimism about a positive shift after the formation of the present coalition government for the second term.

Highlighting the emergence of ideological and class consciousness among women leaders, Sarkar suggested the establishment of the state committee of the All India Democratic Women’s Association based on their experiences. He believed that this initiative would imbue greater significance into commemorating figures like Hemanga Prabha Devi. Sarkar encouraged today’s leaders to draw inspiration from past leaders and learn from their fighting spirit.

The memorial meeting, organized in honor of Hemanga Prabha Devi, saw the presence of the organization’s leader Rama Das and other dignitaries. Attendees paid their respects by offering floral tributes to the late leader’s portrait. Sarkar concluded by emphasizing the importance of embracing the lessons from leaders like Hemanga Prabha Devi to navigate the challenges of the present political landscape.

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