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Markline organization to honour exceptional teachers and students in grand ‘Alorashmi’ event on August 19


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, August 17: Celebrating the unwavering dedication and remarkable achievements of educators and students alike, Markline organization is set to host a prestigious event titled ‘Alorashmi’. This event, which pays homage to ten exemplary teachers and students, is a testament to the profound impact of talent and hard work in achieving the zenith of success.

In schools, colleges, and universities across the state, there exist individuals whose fervour and determination surmount all challenges, propelling them towards triumph in their endeavours. While these individuals rightfully take center stage, the vital role of teachers, who toil tirelessly behind the scenes, remains instrumental in their success.

Markline organization, a stalwart in the realm of education within the state, has consistently championed excellence and innovation. The organization’s significant contribution to the educational landscape has earned it a distinguished reputation over the years.

The ‘Alorashmi’ event is scheduled to commence at 5:30 pm on the 19th, captivating the audience at the city’s renowned town hall. The program will feature a dual celebration, honouring ten exceptional teachers who have left an indelible mark on education, along with ten exemplary students who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and accomplishment.

Rupam Roy, Director of Markline, expressed the significance of the event, stating, “We have meticulously selected ten teachers and an equal number of students hailing from diverse corners of the state. Through this ceremony, we aim to shine a spotlight on their invaluable contributions to the educational landscape.”

The latter half of the event will witness a captivating performance by the esteemed folk ensemble ‘Dohar,’ hailing from West Bengal. Additionally, local artists will showcase their talents, contributing to an evening of cultural enrichment and celebration.

Organizers have extended a warm invitation to all interested individuals, providing entry tickets to facilitate attendance. As the ‘Alorashmi’ event aspires to inspire and acknowledge the dedication of both educators and learners, it promises to be an evening of reverence, recognition, and artistic brilliance.

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