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Monday, July 22, 2024

MoS Pratima Bhoumik envisions prosperous India with Ram Mandir inauguration


By  TC News Desk

Agartala, January 22: As the sacred idol of Ramlala found its place, Union Minister of State Pratima Bhoumik expressed a profound sentiment, describing it as a unique and poignant moment.

Addressing attendees at the Ram Puja organized by Banik Para, Joynagar on Monday, MoS Bhoumik declared that the establishment of the Ram Mandir marks the laying of the foundation for a new India, heralding an era of glory and prosperity.

Highlighting the Prime Minister’s sentiments, MoS Bhoumik conveyed that Lord Ram symbolizes not only peace but also tradition—the very essence that guides the nation towards a promising future. Enthusiastically envisioning the trajectory of India in the coming days, the MoS proclaimed that India is poised to become the most prosperous country in the world.

During the event, MoS Bhoumik actively participated in the distribution of Ram Puja Prasad, underscoring the cultural and religious significance of the occasion.

The presence of Mayor Dipak Majumder, alongside local councilors, added to the grandeur of the event, emphasizing the communal celebration of this auspicious day. The inauguration of the Ram Mandir is seen as a significant step toward fostering unity, peace, and prosperity in the nation’s future.

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