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Neglected water tank poses potential threat to Kamalasagar AC


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, July 26, 2023: In the Kamalasagar assembly constituency area, an enormous water tank, constructed around 15-16 years ago to address water-related issues, stands abandoned and in a state of disrepair. The neglected tank, meant to serve the needs of the local community, has caused concern among residents as it poses potential dangers.

The water tank, which was initially built by the government as part of their developmental efforts, has never been utilized by the people. Over the years, the tank has deteriorated, and large cracks have appeared on its walls, resulting in significant plaster peeling off, leaving parts of the tank exposed. This neglect has given rise to fear among the residents, who are worried about the possibility of a catastrophic collapse at any time.

Adjacent to the water tank, there are administrative offices and a community center. Additionally, numerous residential homes surround the area, leading to heightened anxiety among the inhabitants. The fear of a sudden collapse of the massive water tank has made daily life distressing for these local residents, as they are apprehensive about the potential damages and losses that could occur.

Repeated complaints from the local community about the non-functional water tank have fallen on deaf ears. Residents have raised concerns about the lack of access to water from the tank and the impending danger it presents. With the current condition of the tank, the risks of a major accident loom large, and the consequences could be severe.

In response to the growing apprehension, the local community urges the relevant authorities to take immediate action. They demand urgent inspection and reinforcement of the water tank’s structure, or alternatively, its safe and controlled demolition to eliminate the threat it poses.

The concerned authorities have not yet commented on the matter, leaving the residents in a state of uncertainty. It remains to be seen how the situation will be addressed and if prompt measures will be taken to prevent any potential disaster.

As the situation unfolds, the people of Kamalasagar assembly constituency area anxiously await a resolution from the concerned authorities to ensure their safety and security.

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