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North Tripura district police crackdown on illegal gambling amidst ‘Charak Puja’ celebrations; Eight arrested


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 16th April 2024:   In a significant crackdown on illegal gambling activities, the North Tripura district police have arrested eight individuals involved in organizing a gambling event during the Charak Puja festivities. The operation, led by Officer-in-Charge (OC) Jayanta Debnath of the Kadamtala police station, targeted the clandestine gambling sessions that have become a common sight at the Charak Melas.

The arrests took place on Monday afternoon in the Hurua area, under Kadamtala police station, where gamblers had set up their ‘Jhandi Munda’ game boards and dice. Acting on a tip-off, OC Debnath and his team apprehended the gamblers and seized the gambling equipment, including the board and dice, along with approximately three and a half thousand rupees in cash.

The police action comes at a critical time as the Lok Sabha elections loom on the horizon, with authorities committed to ensuring a peaceful electoral process. The ongoing anti-gambling campaign has been intensified, with previous arrests made on Saturday leading up to this successful raid.

The individuals taken into custody include Manjurul Haque, Bidhan Rishi, Prasenjit Sinha, Simen Uddin, Badsha Mia, Dulal Roy alias Jhunu, Jitendra Shuklabaidya, and Sujit Kumar Shuklabaidya. Legal proceedings have been initiated against all the accused.

Amidst these developments, allegations have surfaced regarding the involvement of a second OC at the Kadamtala police station, who is purportedly supporting the gambling operations within the area. This has raised concerns about potential corruption and the undermining of the current OC’s efforts to combat illegal activities.

In a related incident, two of the arrested individuals, Simen Uddin and Manjurul Haq, were also implicated in a bike theft case. They were subsequently transferred to the Dharmanagar police station for further investigation. The Dharmanagar police have confirmed that the accused were presented before the Dharmanagar District and Sessions Court on Tuesday morning, with a request for police remand to facilitate a thorough inquiry.

The district police’s firm stance against gambling and other illicit activities underscores their dedication to maintaining law and order, especially in the lead-up to the forthcoming elections. The community has been urged to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to ensure a safe and secure environment for all.

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