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Notorious criminal rearrested: Main mastermind of bike smuggling ring detained again


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, September 17, 2023: In a turn of events that underscores the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in apprehending habitual offenders, the notorious main mastermind of a bike smuggling ring, Arbin Rahman alias Tanu, found himself behind bars once more. Bishalgarh police successfully arrested Tanu, who had previously been at large, marking a significant breakthrough in an ongoing investigation.

The saga began with a case filed in 2021 at the NCC police station here following the theft of a motorcycle. Arbin Rahman, known as Tanu in criminal circles, had evaded capture since the initial complaint was lodged. However, the relentless pursuit by Bishalgarh police bore fruit as they apprehended the fugitive from his residence in Raghunathpur during a late-night operation on Saturday.

Subsequently, on Sunday afternoon, the detained accused Arbin Rahman alias Tanu was transferred into the custody of the NCC police station. This development brings a long-awaited resolution to the theft case that has lingered since its initiation.

Arbin Rahman’s recent arrest, however, is not his first encounter with the legal system. Previously, he faced charges related to involvement in a women trafficking ring, an offense that led to his initial arrest by Bishalgarh police. Following due legal processes, Arbin Rahman had secured his release on bail, only to find himself back in police custody under different circumstances.

This latest apprehension, linked to the bike theft case, adds another layer to Arbin Rahman’s criminal history, highlighting the complexities faced by authorities when dealing with individuals involved in multiple illegal activities. As the legal proceedings unfold, authorities remain vigilant, determined to ensure that justice is served and that habitual offenders like Arbin Rahman face the consequences of their actions.

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