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Notorious thief held with gold in city


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 6th December 2023 :  In a significant breakthrough, the East Agartala Police have arrested another key suspect in connection with a series of thefts plaguing the city. The arrest follows a thorough investigation into multiple complaints of theft over the past few months, with the police meticulously working to unravel the criminal network responsible.

On November 15 and 21, the East Agartala Police successfully arrested Jontu Mia in connection with the theft at the residences of Shiuli Dutt and Sagarika Chakraborty in the Shivnagar area of Agartala. This latest arrest brings the total number of individuals in custody to 8, shedding light on the extensive operation behind the recent wave of thefts.

Sadar Sub-Divisional Police Officer DP Roy, addressing reporters at the East Agartala Police Station on Wednesday, disclosed that Jontu Mia’s identity emerged during the interrogation of previously apprehended suspects. Mia, it was revealed, played a crucial role in the criminal enterprise by selling stolen goods and gathering intelligence on potential targets.

Acting on the information obtained, the police swiftly arrested Jontu Mia from his residence in Araliya. The operation resulted in the recovery of several stolen gold ornaments, providing tangible evidence of Mia’s involvement in the criminal activities.

The Sadar Divisional Police Officer expressed satisfaction at the recent string of arrests, emphasizing its significance in dismantling a major theft network operating in the city. He lauded the collective efforts of the police force and deemed the operation a substantial success in curbing the rising incidents of theft in Agartala.

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