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Officials raid markets to curb overpricing and protect consumers’ interests, issues show cause to two markers


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, June 22: In a bid to tackle rampant overpricing and protect consumers from dishonest trading practices, Sadar Sub-Divisional Administrative Officers conducted a successful crackdown on errant traders in the bustling markets of Agartala city.

The administrative officers, who recently visited Lake Choumuhani and Durga Choumuhani markets, were appalled by the extent and regularity of overcharging by some unscrupulous vendors.

Prompted by their findings, the administrative officers made a decisive move by issuing show cause notices to the identified dishonest traders. It has been observed that every year during the monsoon season, certain traders take advantage of increased demand for daily necessities and exploit buyers by inflating prices. This year was no exception, with allegations of road damage and crop destruction further exacerbating the situation.

In response, the Food Department officials, under the guidance of the Sadar Sub-Divisional Ruler, launched raids in Durga Chowmuhani Bazar, Lake Chowmuhani Bazar, and other markets across the capital. During their inspection at Durga Chaumuhani market, the administrative officers discovered that sellers were consistently overcharging buyers for commodities such as potatoes, onions, and eggs.

Notably, when the officers individually visited different shops, the sellers engaged in dishonest practices by overpricing the items. However, upon their collective presence at the same shop, the sellers would promptly quote the correct prices. As a result, those sellers who had been overcharging buyers were exposed, and they will now be issued show cause notices to explain their actions.

The local residents expressed their satisfaction with the administration’s proactive operation, which unveiled the reality of customers being deceived in the market. In the past, traders would be alerted when administrative officers arrived in groups, making it difficult to gather evidence. However, on this occasion, the officers successfully captured evidence of dishonest practices by having one person visit multiple shops individually.

However, during the operation at Durga Chaumuhani market, it was observed that the market association did not cooperate with the administrative work. This lack of support from the market committees may pose challenges for the administration in effectively controlling prices. Efforts to foster cooperation between the market committees and the administration will be crucial in ensuring fair pricing and protecting consumers’ interests in the future.

As the Sadar Sub-Divisional Administrative Officers take firm action against dishonest traders and work towards establishing a fair market environment, it is expected that these measures will alleviate the burden on common people and promote transparency and integrity in Agartala’s major markets.

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