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Outrage sparked at Melaghar: Woman alleges torture by husband and in-laws


By TC News Desk

Agartala, March 27: A distressing case of alleged torture against a housewife has stirred turmoil in Bairagi Bazar. Minarani Sarkar, married to Sujan Sarkar for 12 years, faced abuse purportedly from her husband and mother-in-law. After bearing two daughters and becoming pregnant again, the mistreatment escalated, leading Minarani to flee to her father’s home while pregnant. Despite an attempt at reconciliation six months later, the abuse resumed, prompting a recent confrontation with locals. Minarani claims her husband’s extramarital affairs fuel the torment. Outraged, the community demands justice for the victims.

Minarani Sarkar, a resident of Bairagi Bazar, alleged enduring torture at the hands of her husband, Sujan Sarkar, and her mother-in-law, Khuku Rani Sarkar. The incident took place in Lengta Dargar, Ward No. 9 under Melaghar Municipal Council, where Minarani had been married to Sujan for over a decade.

Troubles began to surface two years into their marriage when Minarani reportedly suffered mistreatment. Despite bearing two daughters aged 11 and 6, and expecting another child, the abuse allegedly persisted. Minarani sought refuge at her father’s residence while pregnant, where she later gave birth to a son, now six months old.

After six months, an arbitration meeting arranged by locals attempted to reconcile Minarani with her husband. However, peace was short-lived, and the harassment allegedly resumed, prompting a recent confrontation.

The latest altercation occurred when Minarani confronted locals gathered in protest against the alleged abuse. The situation escalated as Khuku Rani Sarkar, Minarani’s mother-in-law, reportedly hurled insults at the protestors from their residence.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Minarani accused her husband, Sujan Sarkar, of subjecting her to continuous abuse due to his involvement in extramarital affairs.

The incident has sparked outrage among locals, who demand a fair trial against the accused parties to ensure justice for Minarani and her children.

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