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Negligence at Agartala railway station leaves commuters stranded, suffer and board train without tickets


By TC News Desk

Agartala, March 27: A scene of frustration has been observed at the Agartala railway station, Badarghat as passengers bound for Udaipur found themselves unable to purchase tickets before their departure. Despite the scheduled departure of the train, the ticket counter remained closed, prompting travelers to board without tickets.

The incident, captured on Wednesday, highlights what many commuters perceive as a glaring example of mismanagement and negligence within the railway system. The scheduled DEMU train to Udaipur was set to depart from the Agartala railway station at 5:25 am. Anticipating their journey, hundreds of passengers arrived at the station as early as 4 am, only to find the ticket counter shuttered.

With the train already in motion by 4 am, passengers were left in a predicament, forced to travel without proper tickets due to the station’s failure to open the ticket counter on time. This lack of responsibility on the part of railway authorities resulted in prolonged waiting times and inconvenience for travelers.

Expressing their frustration, passengers boarded the train without tickets, feeling compelled to do so in the absence of any alternative. Unfortunately, incidents of this nature are not uncommon on demo trains, with many passengers resorting to traveling without tickets regularly. The failure to enforce ticketing regulations has led to concerns about the misuse of government resources and assets.

Despite awareness of the issue, authorities have yet to take decisive action, leaving passengers and observers alike questioning the stewardship of government property. As frustrations mount, commuters hope for swift resolution and improved accountability within the railway system to prevent such incidents from recurring.

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