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Patients Deprived of Services at RGM Hospital due to Laboratory Closure and Negligence by Staff


BY TC News Desk

Agartala: July 06. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Sub-Divisional Hospital, a prominent healthcare facility in the region, has come under scrutiny as patients continue to be deprived of essential laboratory services. It has been alleged that the hospital’s laboratory remains closed for prolonged periods, forcing patients to seek assistance from private laboratories or return home without the necessary medical tests.

The dire state of health services has left patients and their families frustrated and angered by the lack of attention to their needs. Sources indicate that Tapan Babu, the individual responsible for the hospital’s laboratory, has installed a separate laboratory in government quarters, where he allegedly conducts tests in exchange for personal gain. Additionally, two other staff members, employed by the government, fail to fulfill their duties adequately, contributing to the ongoing issues. This alarming situation has persisted for an extended period, resulting in the closure of the hospital’s laboratory.

A concerned relative of a patient who arrived at the hospital expressed disappointment, stating that the laboratory was scheduled to open at eight in the morning. However, it remained closed until eleven o’clock, leaving patients without the necessary medical services. When confronted about the laboratory’s closure, Dr. Nikendra Devbarma, the in-charge of the hospital, was also absent from his post. Similarly, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), Nikendra Debbarma, failed to appear at the hospital until noon, adding to the growing frustration.

Local media attempted to investigate the cause of the prolonged closure but was unable to obtain any official explanation. The absence of both the laboratory staff and the hospital authorities has further fueled concerns about the state of healthcare administration. The plight of patients and their families in hospitals is clearly visible, while government officials, including State Ministers and MLAs, seem more preoccupied with organizational work, attending functions, and engaging in photo sessions, neglecting their responsibility to visit healthcare facilities.

This prevailing issue within the state’s health system has gained significant attention in the news recently, raising questions about the commitment of authorities towards public welfare. Some individuals entrusted with public service appear to be shirking their responsibilities, engaging in illicit activities for personal gain. Despite receiving substantial salaries funded by taxpayers, strict actions to address these concerns have been notably absent.

The situation demands immediate intervention from concerned authorities to rectify the ongoing problems and restore public trust in the healthcare system. Patients should not have to endure such hardships, and it is crucial for government officials to prioritize the welfare of the citizens they serve.

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