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Political unrest at Kailashahar: CPIM leader’s residence targeted with petrol bomb attack


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 11th April 2024:   As the Lok Sabha elections approaching, the specter of political unrest looms large over Kailashahar. Biswarup Goswami, the Secretary of the CPIM Kailashahar sub-divisional committee found himself amidst chaos as petrol bombs and glass bottles were hurled recklessly into his residence located in the Kacherghat area late on Wednesday night, igniting fears of a major conflagration and grave mishaps. This egregious act has sent shockwaves throughout Kailashahar, particularly in the vicinity of Kacherghat, where residents now grapple with an overwhelming sense of fear.

Promptly responding to the gravity of the situation, authorities from the Kailashahar police station have initiated a thorough investigation into the matter, aiming to uncover the perpetrators behind this brazen assault on peace and security.

In a bid to shed light on the harrowing ordeal, Biswarup Goswami revealed that as the clock struck 12 midnight, enveloping the household in a blanket of slumber, little did they anticipate the impending calamity. Under the cloak of darkness, malicious forces targeted the iron grill gate of his residence, setting it ablaze before hurling petrol bombs and glass bottles with wanton abandon. Mercifully, the occupants remained oblivious to the chaos took place outside, nestled in the realm of unconsciousness.

The morning after bore witness to the grim aftermath, with shards of shattered glass littering the premises and the gate charred and disfigured by the inferno. Waste no time in alerting the authorities, Biswarup Goswami promptly informed the Kailashahar police station, prompting swift action from police personnel. Upon arrival, the police recovered incriminating evidence, including bottles filled with petrol, bricks, and remnants of alcohol containers, which were swiftly secured for further investigation.

Expressing bewilderment at the inexplicable assault, Goswami vehemently denied harboring any personal vendettas, attributing the heinous act to the machinations of political adversaries seeking retribution.

Meanwhile, amid the cloak of night, the darkness was pierced by the resounding condemnation of such reprehensible deeds. Birajit Sinha, former Pradesh Congress President and MLA voiced vehement disapproval and condemnation of the cowardly attack on Goswami’s residence. Demanding heightened police presence and nocturnal vigilance across every nook and cranny of Kailashahar, MLA Birajit Sinha underscored the imperative of safeguarding public safety and upholding the rule of law in the face of mounting political turbulence.

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