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Power outage grip GB, patients, families stuck in elevator


BY TC News Desk

Agartala: October 02. In a shocking turn of events, GB Pant Hospital, the state’s main referral hospital, was plunged into darkness for over an hour today afternoon, revealing severe deficiencies in its infrastructure. The incident left patients in precarious situations, with some stuck in elevators and critically ill patients awaiting vital services.

Amidst the blackout, patients and their families faced a cascade of problems, including a lack of drinking water, inadequate guardianship, and a breakdown in essential services. The dire situation raises questions about the hospital’s preparedness and highlights a pressing need for immediate action.

Hospitalized patients and their families expressed their frustration, noting the stark contrast between the government’s press conference claims of improvement and the grim reality on the ground. Critics argue that while officials are quick to tout progress from the comfort of air-conditioned offices, they fail to witness the challenges faced by patients firsthand.

Furthermore, the power outage has raised concerns about the state’s electricity model, especially as electricity tariffs have recently surged. Residents are left seeking answers regarding the sudden deficiency in service, with protests mounting in demand for reliable electricity.

Despite the presence of generators on the hospital premises, confusion surrounds why they were not utilized to maintain critical services during the outage. This incident serves as a stark reminder that without meaningful improvements, the hospital’s reputation and service quality will continue to deteriorate, impacting countless lives.

As patients and their families share their experiences, it is imperative that authorities take swift action to address the glaring issues at GB Hospital. Only through meaningful reforms and investments can the state ensure that its healthcare system meets the needs and expectations of its citizens.

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