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Pradyot urges DM to halt construction at sacred Ujjayanta Palace


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, December 20, 2023:  The royal scion of Tripura Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma on Wednesday wrote a letter to the West Tripura District Magistrate Dr Vishal Kumar seeking his immediate intervention to stop the ongoing construction of a public washroom, septic tank, water tank at the pious spot within the premises of the Ujjayanta Palace compound where the indigenous performs  customary pujas.

In the letter, Pradyot said, expressed his grave concerns regarding the ongoing construction of a public washroom/septic tank/water tank (under the Smart City Project) within the premises of the Ujjayanta Palace compound in Agartala.

“The said public washroom/septic tank/water tank is being constructed just adjacent (a few inches next) to the exact spot where our indigenous customary pujas, notably the Kharchi and Kher Puja, are celebrated and worshipped. I am deeply hurt and anguished at this sheer negligence of the administration.

This action not only undermines the sanctity of the sacred site but also disrespects the cultural legacy that has been preserved for generations. It is crucial to emphasize that, as per the merger agreement, the responsibility falls on the District Magistrate’s office to facilitate and arrange all customary traditional pujas like Kharchi and Kher Puja held at the palace compound. The construction of a public washroom/septic tank/water tank at such a sacred site not only disrupts the sanctity of these rituals but also displays a lack of sensitivity and understanding of the cultural heritage we strive to protect”, the letter reads.

He said that despite the voiced concerns and fervent demands from several individuals to halt the construction work, it has come to my attention that no action has been taken thus far.

“This lack of response is disconcerting, especially considering the cultural sensitivity of the matter. In the current socio-political climate, where certain self-proclaimed protectors of the indigenous communities advocate the demand to exclude the Christians from the ST category, citing the need to safeguard the tribal traditions and customs, and are apparently given permission to hold a rally on the 25th of December (Christmas) by the administration, such actions are beyond comprehension. This raises serious questions about the intentions of the people in administration. I urge you, in the strongest possible terms, to intervene immediately and ensure the cessation of construction activities in this area without any further delay. Preserving our tribal customs, traditions, and sacred sites is paramount, and it is incumbent upon us to protect and honour these cultural legacies. I trust that you will take swift and decisive action to address this matter and prevent any further disruption to our revered cultural practices”, he wrote adding that he will await for the DM’s prompt action in this regard.

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