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Private electricity provider faces serious allegations of negligence, disruption in water supply


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, August 17: Sai Computer Company, a private electricity service provider, is under fire following a grave complaint lodged against the company. Tensions escalated after a contractor, who had been assigned a task by the company, expressed dissatisfaction over non-payment for the completed work. The situation took an alarming turn on Thursday, around 6:30 AM, when a disruption in electricity supply took place due to the actions of an electricity crew associated with Sai Computer Company.

The incident unfolded in the vicinity of Ward No. 1 within the Ichabpur village panchayat of Kailashahar. The repercussions were felt acutely, as the disruption led to a halt in the supply of drinking water to Ward No. 1 and Ward No. 2 of the Ichabpur Gram Panchayat from Thursday morning until 1 pm. Consequently, these two ward areas have been grappling with an acute shortage of drinking water, inciting frustration and concern among the affected residents.

The incident has sparked heightened tension within the concerned areas, with sentiments running high against Sai Computer Company. Following the incident, Joy Sinha, the elected Panchayat member representing Ward No. 1 of Ichabpur Gram Panchayat, made multiple attempts to contact the office of Sai Computer Limited. However, his efforts were met with silence as no response was received.

It was only after persistent attempts that an official from Sai Computer Limited finally answered the phone around 8 AM, assuring that their employees would rectify the electricity issue within half an hour. Contrary to this assurance, the electricity remained unavailable, and the water supply crisis persisted well into the afternoon, leaving Ward No. 1 and Ward No. 2 without basic amenities.

Panchayat member Joy Sinha condemned the situation, emphasizing that not only had the contracted work gone unpaid, but innocent villagers were bearing the brunt of the disruption caused by Sai Computer Company and the involved contractor.

Joy Sinha further revealed that a formal complaint has been lodged at the Kailasahar Police Station, documenting the incident involving Sai Computer Limited. However, the resolution of the issue remains uncertain, leaving residents anxious about when their essential services will be restored. The incident has sparked a broader conversation about the responsibilities and accountability of private service providers, particularly in cases where the well-being of local communities hangs in the balance.

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