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Protest Erupts in Natun Bazar as power outage disrupts board examination students


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 20th February 2024 :   In a night of unrest, residents of Jharjharia Amtali, a rural area under Natun Bazar police station, joined forces to stage a road blockade, demanding a resolution to persistent power outages that have adversely impacted the lives of the community. The protest, predominantly led by women, highlighted the ongoing struggles faced by villagers due to the erratic electricity service in the state.

Villagers expressed frustration over frequent and unexplained power cuts, disrupting daily life even in the absence of storms or adverse weather conditions. Despite attempts to communicate with officials from TSECL, the electricity provider, the residents claimed to have received no satisfactory responses.

The plight of the residents intensified as students preparing for secondary examinations reported severe disruptions to their studies, raising concerns about the upcoming CBSE exams scheduled for the next day. Additionally, a wedding ceremony in the area faced obstacles due to the power outage, further fueling the community’s discontent.

Compounding the issues, the power outages impacted drinking water services in the affected areas, exacerbating the challenges faced by the villagers.

On Monday night, angered by the prolonged electricity issues, locals initiated a road blockade near Natun Bazar police station. The blockade not only inconvenienced travelers but also trapped many vehicles on both sides of the road. With the CBSE exams looming, the protesting villagers stressed the urgency of resolving the electricity problems to ensure students’ uninterrupted access to education.

Attempts to reach out to TSECL officials proved futile for the villagers, who claimed that promises of assistance went unfulfilled despite repeated calls. The situation escalated as the residents, facing an impending CBSE exam and disrupted celebrations, took to the streets in protest.

After receiving news of the road blockade, workers from TSECL rushed to the scene. Assuring the protesters, they began working on restoring electricity services. The blockade was eventually lifted, providing temporary relief to the villagers.

While the electricity provider managed to resolve the immediate issue, the incident highlighted the ongoing struggles faced by rural residents and the inconvenience caused to the public, especially with important events like examinations and celebrations at stake.

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