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Public outcry at North district CMO office: Villagers demand accountability


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, September 20, 2023: Tensions flared in Dharmanagar on Wednesday morning as residents from Ragna Sakaibari and Bhagyapur villages converged upon the office of the Chief Health Officer in a striking demonstration. At the stroke of ten, the villagers from these three locales encircled the Chief Health Officer’s office, passionately voicing their concerns and grievances.

Their primary allegation was that North District Chief Health Officer, Dr Arunabha Chakraborty, and District In-charge, Dr. Rahul Purkayastha, are allegedly tarnishing the government’s image. The residents claimed that despite substantial funding from the National Health Mission allocated to the North District, these funds are not being utilized for their intended purposes. Instead, they asserted that these resources are being channeled towards personal interests, rather than the welfare of the people.

The demonstrators demanded answers from both the Chief Health Officer and the District in-charge, seeking clarity on why there appears to be a concerted effort to discredit the government, erode public trust, and deprive citizens of essential services.

In response, CMO Dr Chakraborty defended his actions, stating that he diligently follows the government’s directives, which are crafted in the best interest of the public. He dismissed the allegations made by the organizers of the protest, suggesting that they might be acting on someone else’s provocation. Dr Chakraborty also asserted that funds from the National Health Mission are utilized responsibly and are not diverted for personal gain.

This incident has drawn attention to the growing tensions surrounding the allocation and utilization of healthcare resources in the region. As the situation unfolds, citizens await further developments and hope for transparency and accountability in the healthcare sector.

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