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Purification ritual conducted to re-sanctify water source at Mata Tripureshwari Temple in Udaipur


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, August 26, 2023: A significant purification ceremony took place on Saturday at the revered Mata Tripureshwari Temple in Udaipur, as the sacred Kalyan Sagar water source had been rendered impure a month and a half ago following the discovery of a male skeleton head.

The Kalyan Sagar water, traditionally used for worship at the temple, had been suspended from religious use due to this unsettling find. After a prolonged hiatus of 45 days, efforts were initiated to cleanse and re-sanctify the water.

The purification ritual, known as Ganga Puja, was performed on this auspicious day. As part of the ceremony, water from the Gomati River was transported and ceremonially poured into the Kalyan Sagar. A priest engaged in the Ganga Puja explained that the presence of the male skeleton head had tainted the sanctity of the Kalyan Sagar’s water, necessitating its suspension from temple rituals.

On the designated day, a total of 108 pitchers of water were meticulously transported from the Gomati River to Kalyan Sagar, symbolizing the process of purification. Devotees flocked to witness and participate in the special purification ceremony, signifying the importance of restoring the temple’s traditional customs and practices.

The restoration of the Kalyan Sagar’s sanctity is seen as a momentous event for the Mata Tripureshwari Temple, reinstating the use of its sacred waters in religious rites and ceremonies.

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