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Residents of Madhupur express outrage over poor quality road work despite MLA’s assurances


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 28th February 2024 :   Despite promises from the local MLA and assurances of quality road work, residents of Madhupur to Harihardula Radhanagar area are up in arms over the ongoing poor-quality road construction. The indifference of the Bishalgarh PWD and allegations of corruption have fueled anger among the locals.

The road, which hasn’t seen any repair for 35 years, was allocated five crore rupees for renovation after the current BJP government came to power for the second time. The 6.3 km stretch from Madhupur to Harihardula Radhanagar is expected to be a 12-feet wide road, with large stones of 3 inches and small stones of 2 inches in the construction. However, residents claim that the ongoing work is substandard, with the road width reaching 9 to 10 feet.

Protests erupted when the residents noticed the poor quality of work, leading to a temporary halt. The MLA intervened, assuring the public that the work would be done properly. However, despite these assurances, the substandard construction continues, leaving the residents frustrated.

A group of residents, in front of journalists’ cameras on Wednesday, complained about the contractor’s incompetence. They emphasized the need for quality work to avoid future road closures and expressed concern about the potential hazards associated with substandard construction.

The Bishalgarh PWD has come under scrutiny for not taking any action against the responsible contractor, despite the serious allegations. Officials from the Public Works Department (PWD) deny the accusations and suggest an inquiry at the PWD office.

As the controversy unfolds, residents eagerly await oversight on the allegations of substandard work and hope for a resolution to ensure the promised quality road construction in their area.

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