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Sadar enforcement team cracks down on onion price surge at MG Bazar


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, November 01: In an effort to combat the soaring prices of onions in the market, the Sadar Enforcement Team has launched an operation targeting this ongoing issue. On Wednesday, their administrative team encountered significant irregularities at the Maharajganj Bazar and seized approximately 40 sacks of onions due to the absence of valid documentation.

An official from the team explained that the price of onions has steadily risen by Rs. 20 per kilogram in various markets across the state over the past few years, placing this essential commodity beyond the means of the common populace. In response to this concerning trend, they initiated an operation to investigate and regulate the onion prices in the market.

During their market visit, the team observed an abundant supply of onions available. It was also noted that onions were being transported from one location to another via rickshaws.

The officials took action against several rickshaw drivers involved in onion transportation. Upon interrogation, these individuals were unable to produce valid purchase or sale documents for the onions they were carrying. Consequently, the sacks of onions were confiscated due to the lack of valid paperwork.

The confiscated onion sacks will be transported to the office of the district headquarters for further handling. Subsequently, the Sub-Divisional Officer will take appropriate measures in response to the situation.

The operation by the Sadar Enforcement Team seeks to alleviate the financial burden on consumers caused by rising onion prices and ensure fair practices in the market.

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