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Shameful negligence: Patients forced to lie beside drain of Bishalgarh sub-divisional hospital


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, July 28, 2023: In a shocking incident at Bishalgarh Sub-Divisional Hospital, doctors and health workers have been accused of inhumanity. Patients arriving at the hospital for medical treatment are made to lie beside a drain located near the hospital premises. Outrage spreads everywhere.

Ranjan, a tea garden worker from Harish Nagar area on Thursday night came to seek medical attention for foot-related issues at Bishalgarh Sub-Divisional Hospital. However, he couldn’t walk properly. A doctor at the hospital allegedly administered an injection to him and then left him unattended. Ranjan struggled near the drain for an extended period, but neither the hospital staff nor the doctors came to his aid. He was in excruciating pain, but no one seemed to care.

Later, hearing Ranjan’s cries, passersby rushed to the scene. They lifted him from the drain and carried him to a flat surface nearby. Eventually, under pressure from Bishalgarh Sub-Divisional Hospital’s doctors and health workers, they referred him to GB Hospital in an ambulance without further delay.

An eyewitness present at the scene expressed dissatisfaction with the role of Bishalgarh Sub-Divisional Hospital’s doctors and health workers. They claimed that Ranjan had consumed multiple pain relief tablets while suffering near the drain. Seeking medical services at the hospital should not lead to such deplorable negligence; this incident has raised serious concerns.

Previously, the area’s lawmaker had also conveyed a message about ensuring proper services for patients coming to the hospital. The lawmaker, Sushanta Deb, met with the district administration and the doctors and health workers at Bishalgarh Sub-Divisional Hospital on Wednesday last. During the meeting, he emphasized the need to ensure that patients seeking medical attention receive the appropriate care without any negligence. No form of negligence should be tolerated. However, even after the lawmaker’s message, Bishalgarh Sub-Divisional Hospital’s doctors and health workers showed no improvement in their conduct.

This time, the patients’ designated area near the drain has become a matter of concern for the hospital administration. Patients coming to the hospital for medical treatment should not have to endure such conditions. The incident has stirred public outrage, demanding immediate action and accountability from the authorities concerned.

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