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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Sudip Roy Barman highlights several drawbacks of BJP-led government towards people in state


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, August 05: In the scorching heat, the power company is depriving the people of the state by selling electricity outside the state, causing great hardship to the people. Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman said this in a press conference at Congress Bhavan here on Saturday.

He mentioned that dengue and malaria have spread throughout the state, and hospitals are struggling to treat patients, with even a shortage of bandages and beds for the families of the sick. After 5 PM, there are no specialist doctors available in the hospitals.

The hospitals are being managed by untrained boys and girls, without any qualified doctors. Patients are dying due to lack of proper medical care, and nobody seems to be concerned about this situation.

Barman raised these issues during the journalist conference to awaken the dormant government. He also complained about the deteriorating education system, lack of jobs, and the overall dire situation in the state. The government seems indifferent to the suffering of the people, focusing only on tourism and neglecting essential development.

Regarding the recent incident at Khardimura High School, where twelve students were arrested for wearing hijabs, Barman accused the government of trying to create sectarian clashes throughout the country. He demanded that those involved in the incident be identified and arrested.

The main goal of the Congress is to uproot the fascist government in the upcoming 2023 Lok Sabha elections. They aim to free the people of the country from unemployment, communal clashes, and the artificial inflation of essential goods.

On the occasion of World Indigenous Day on August 9 next, a crucial meeting was held at the Pradesh Congress Bhavan. Along with MLA Barman, PCC president Asish Kumar Saha and former MLA DC Hrangkhwal were present, along with other leaders of the Tribal Congress from various regions of the state.

Congress MLA strongly criticized the CPIM and BJP for their lack of progress on tribal development. He also criticized the TIPRA Motha for their ambiguous stance on some political issues, saying that they are talking about constitutional solutions without specifying their demands.

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