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Sushanta Chowdhury attends post-Durga Puja celebration and public engagement at ‘Bijoya Sammilani’ in Majlishpur


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, November 01.  Following the culmination of the ‘Sharadiya Durgotsav’ and the emotional departure of Goddess Durga to Kailash, the Bengali community eagerly awaits her return. The festive season ushers in the tradition of ‘Bijoya Sammilani’, a special occasion for Bengalis to exchange greetings and rejuvenate their spirits after the departure of the revered Goddess.

As part of this heartwarming tradition on Wednesday, the MLA of the Majlishpur assembly constituency and Tourism minister Sushanta Chowdhury devoted his time to engage with party officials and workers, extending his gratitude for their dedicated service to both the political party and the common citizens. The event took place at the Gitanjali Hall, under the Mandal Committee of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Majlishpur Assembly constituency.

Speaking at the victory meeting, the MLA emphasized the importance of ‘Bijoya Sammilani’ and its role in building stronger bonds within the community. He expressed his sincere wishes for a joyous Bijoya and highlighted the significance of improving public relations and understanding the grievances of the common people, with a commitment to swift resolutions.

Addressing the assembled party functionaries, the MLA stressed the need for humility and modesty at all levels of the party hierarchy, urging them to shed any sense of pride. He underscored the importance of reaching out to the less privileged and attentively listening to their concerns. Re-establishing the party’s close connection with ordinary citizens was emphasized as an ongoing priority.

The MLA highlighted the government’s tireless efforts to elevate the living standards of the people and called upon party leaders and workers to join hands in supporting these initiatives. He encouraged all members of the party to draw inspiration from the ideology of the Bharatiya Janata Party and work collectively towards the overarching goal of transforming the destiny of the people. The primary objective of the government, he emphasized, is to improve the lives of the people, and this mission will continue unabated.

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