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Sushanta Chowdhury chairs meeting to make Tourism industry more attractive


By TC News Desk  

Agartala, May 08, 2023: Tourism minister Sushanta Chowdhury presided over an important meeting in the presence of various tour operators and officials and representatives of various organizations involved in the hotel and resort business at the Geetanjali Tourism Guest House here on Monday afternoon with the aim of accelerating the revival of the tourism sector of the state affected by the COVID pandemic.

In today’s meeting, discussion took place on everything about how to highlight the attractive tourist places of Tripura state to the people of the country and abroad, or make them more attractive. Specific plans are needed to develop the potential tourism industry in Tripura state. What that plan might be, how tourists can reach every nook and cranny of the state were the focus of today’s discussion.

Speaking at the meeting, Chowdhury said “We all have one objective, the development of the tourism industry of Tripura state because employment, life, livelihood are all related to the development of this industry. Officials and representatives of various organizations involved in hotel, resort business are called upon to take necessary steps to ensure the desired service to the tourists coming to the state.”

He also said, “Tourism sector in our state of Tripura is a promising industry. Currently in our state of Tripura most of the tour operators conduct inbound and outbound tours. The officials of the tourism department should work in coordination with the tourism department to provide proper services for the smooth operation of these tour operators. Tourists are often deprived of their desired services if there is no proper monitoring of the activities of various tour operators which is by no means desirable.”

The Tourism minister also said that for the purpose of developing the tourism industry in the state and protecting the interests of tourists, all those involved in the hotel, resort business, including tour operators and tour guides, should work sincerely in coordination with the state tourism department.

In addition to attracting foreign tourists to this state, domestic tourism is also being given importance. “We are taking various initiatives for this. The idea that tourist means rich is not correct. Therefore, tourists coming to the state should aim to provide more low-cost services locally. Now we are giving special importance to eco-tourism. We want to arrange more event-based tourism to attract tourists while preserving nature. We need branding now and our Tourism department is taking all necessary initiatives for that. If tourists are faced with a negative experience at the airport-railway station-checkpost, then how will it happen? This requires the sincerity of all concerned. To develop the tourism industry, there is a need for good transportation, good hospitality, easy access to permits for tourists to stay at different places.”

“Everything needs proper publicity. We all dream to take Tripura state to the highest level of tourism industry. For this, the Tourism department has taken initiatives to decorate the various tourist centres of the state. Various places in the state have become attractive to the travellers. Any industry needs special care and maintenance if it is to be taken as a vehicle for economic prosperity. It is never possible to get results without taking action that is planned and compatible with the actual situation. Just making promises of development, speeches, seminars, construction of some hotels and motels does not end the responsibility. Everything must be arranged, including travel, security, accommodation facilities for tourists. If we can ensure the cleanliness of the cities, the safety of the tourists etc. then we can expect a good future of tourism in our state. It is not right to think of development of tourism industry without ensuring comfortable conditions and environment for tourists”, Chowdhury said in the meeting.

Apart from this, it is necessary to maintain the beauty and naturalness of the places where the tourist centres are built. At the same time, it is necessary to create a favourable environment for the development of the tourism industry by taking timely practical steps at the scenic and historical places. For this, Tourism minister Chowdhury appealed to all concerned present in today’s meeting. The meeting also discussed the aspects that can be made more beautiful by moving forward.

Tapan Kumar Das, Managing Director of Tripura Tourism Development Corporation Limited delivered the welcome address in today’s meeting. In today’s meeting, officials and representatives of various organizations related to various tour operators, hotels, resort businesses raised their various problems in an open discussion with the Minister of Tourism. Among others, Secretary of Tourism Department Uttam Kumar Chakma was also present.

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