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Three arrested in cannabis smuggling operation, chaos erupts at Assam-Tripura border


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, September 09, 2023: In a dramatic turn of events on Saturday morning, Assam police apprehended three individuals involved in the smuggling of ganja from Tripura to Assam. The incident took place in the Churaibari area, causing a stir in the locality.

The clandestine operation was uncovered when a twelve-wheeler lorry with the registration number TR01AS-1811, originating from Agartala, crossed the Tripura border and ventured into Assam late at night. Routine checks by the Assam Churaibari police led to the detention of the vehicle.

During a meticulous search of the lorry, law enforcement discovered a staggering 401 kilograms of ganja concealed within 66 discreetly packaged bundles. Alongside the significant drug seizure, the lorry’s driver was promptly apprehended by the authorities.

The estimated black market value of the seized ganja is yet to be disclosed. Intriguingly, it has come to light that the vehicle was allowed to continue its journey to another state under the management of Tripura police, while the driver was intercepted and apprehended within Assam’s borders.

This incident has underscored the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in curbing the illegal drug trade, as well as the complexities involved in inter-state coordination and enforcement. Further investigations are underway to unravel the full extent of this smuggling operation and identify any additional accomplices involved.

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