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Traffic dept intensifies crackdown on illegal parking to alleviate congestion


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 25th May 2024 :   In a decisive move to combat the persistent issue of traffic congestion, the West district’s Traffic Department has initiated an operation aimed at maintaining unobstructed city thoroughfares on Saturday. The department’s enforcement drive began with the issuance of notices to vehicle owners found in violation of parking regulations.

A spokesperson for the traffic police disclosed that the operation was spurred by the recurrent illegal parking along Jagannath Bari Road—a critical artery in the capital’s transport network. This habitual disregard for parking norms has been identified as a significant contributor to the area’s traffic bottlenecks.

The traffic department’s current focus is the dissemination of legal notices to those who have flouted the rules by parking their vehicles on the road. These notices serve as a precursor to more stringent legal repercussions that will be enforced against the offenders.

The spokesperson further emphasized that today’s actions are part of a broader strategy to ensure the city remains free from the clutches of traffic jams. The department is committed to sustaining this campaign and has signaled that similar operations will be routinely conducted in the future to maintain traffic fluidity.

Residents and commuters are advised to adhere to parking regulations and cooperate with the traffic department’s efforts to foster a more efficient and safe urban transport environment.

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