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Turmoil in Hezamara block over TIPRA Motha’s demands: Government property damaged


By TC News Desk

Agartala, July 20, 2023: The situation turned tense at Hezamara Block as TIPRA Motha’s delegation gathered to press for their demands on Thursday. The agitated youth workers, associated with Motha, resorted to vandalism, causing damage to government property. Allegations were raised concerning the misuse of government assets.

Before entering the block premises, the workers’ agitation had already begun. The scene turned chaotic as they carried sticks, rods, and bricks, venting their frustration. Even the main gate of the block was forcefully closed by the agitators to gain control of the situation, compelling the police to intervene swiftly. However, the situation remained volatile for a few minutes before the delegation finally presented their demands to the Block Committee, led by MLA Brishaketu Debbarma.

The workers accused the BAC Chairman of corruption and claimed that he was embezzling funds. They also expressed discontent regarding the increase in labour wages and the failure to provide the remaining amount to the workers despite receiving a total of Rs 226 from the 15th Finance Commission and Village Development funds. Furthermore, they pointed out that despite the declining COVID cases, the Village Committee elections were not conducted.

In response, the agitators demanded that MLA Brishaketu Debbarma take immediate action against the Chairman, promising to continue the agitation if their demands were not met. They also threatened to block all roads in the Simna area and shut down the Village Committee office if their demands were not addressed promptly.

Later, a seven-member delegation from the TIPRA Matha Party, led by Divisional Committee President Nirmal Debbarma, met with MLA Obed L Darlong to submit their demands. However, the fast-paced developments brought a sense of unrest in the region.

TIPRA Motha has been struggling to find a foothold in Hezamara Block. Despite the party’s efforts, the restive atmosphere in the area was evident to all Simna residents. The failure to quell the unrest among the workers also became apparent. The incident of government property damage and the tense situation in the government office at Hezamara Block added to the already aggrieved sentiment of the residents.

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