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Uncertainty looms for IGM hospital security guards as tender cancellation puts jobs at risk


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 12th March 2024 :   The security personnel at IGM Hospital face an uncertain future following the abrupt cancellation of their employer’s tender. Since 2017, these guards have been a fixture at the hospital, providing safety and order through a contract with SIS Security. However, with the contract set to expire on March 13, their employment hangs in the balance.

A group of concerned guards sought assurances from the hospital’s Medical Superintendent, expressing their anxiety over the impending change. They highlighted the lack of communication regarding the transition, noting that they were only informed of the contract’s end a week prior, contrary to the standard one-month notice period typically afforded to staff members.

The situation is further complicated by the guards’ tarnished reputation over recent years. Allegations of misconduct, including instances of physical altercations with patients’ families, have marred their standing. The hospital, often seen as a sanctuary for the ailing, became a place of distress due to the reported heavy-handedness of the security staff.

The superintendent has promised to review the matter, but the guards remain skeptical, fearing a repeat of past mistreatment. The community has also voiced concerns, suggesting that the negative perception of the guards may have influenced the decision to award the tender to a new organization.

As the deadline approaches, the fate of these security guards remains uncertain, casting a shadow over their livelihoods and the hospital’s security arrangements. The administration’s next steps are eagerly awaited by all stakeholders, hoping for a resolution that prioritizes compassion and care in line with the hospital’s mission.

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