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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Vidyajyoti a scheme to deprive poor students: Manik Dey


By TC News Desk

Agartala: September 11. Former minister and CITU state president Manik Dey termed the government as an anti-people government and lashed the government for privatizing the education system.

At the second state conference of Tripura Mid Day Mill Workers Union at the CITU state office today former minister Dey said that the previous government had arranged to make the education system of the state free.

“But with the establishment of the current government, it has decided to privatize the education system. They are charging Rs 1000 from the students in the name of bringing 100 schools under Vidyajyoti scheme. But in this many boys and girls from poor areas will lose the opportunity to study”, he said.

Dey also claimed that in fact, the main objective of this government is that the sons and daughters of the poor do not get the opportunity to study. “Because they will demand for jobs and rights once they are educated. So the BJP government wants to privatize the education so that children of the poor cannot stand tall”, he claimed.On this day, he further lashed out at the against the government and said that the government can’t hike the salaries of the Mid Day Meal workers working in school, but crores of rupees are being arranged by the BJP leaders to hang flag festoons on the roadside to promote themselves.

“So it is a propaganda government. It is not a government of the people it is a antipeople government”, he said.He also said that the BJP leadership should show their face to the people through work without selling their face.

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