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Violent clash erupts over fish killing at Khowai: Cases registered in 2 Police Stations against 12 persons


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, July 1, 2023: A disturbing incident unfolded in Khowai, where two individuals were seriously injured and one person has been accused of poisoning ponds and killing fish. The ramifications of the incident have resulted in a case being registered at the Khowai Police Station, along with a counter-case at the Women’s Police Station. A total of 12 individuals have been named in these cases.

According to reports, on the night of June 19, Satyabrata Gope and Pramod Ghosh, residents of the Office Tilla area in Khowai, allegedly poured poison into three ponds, causing extensive damage to fish stocks worth several lakhs of rupees. In response, four individuals, Mithun Ghosh, Dhritiman Dey, Ashish Das, and Jeeban Ghosh, have filed a case against them at the Khowai Police Station. This dispute has escalated, with Mithun Ghosh and his associates engaging in a series of troubling incidents, including attacking the home of pond owner Pramod Ghosh, stealing rubber, and even setting fire to property, including one of Pramod Ghosh’s cars. Despite a previous police case against them, Mithun Ghosh persistently attempted to provoke Pramod Ghosh with heated confrontations leading up to the events on Friday night.

In an attempt to put an end to the ongoing incidents and the alleged fish killings, Pramod Ghosh reportedly confronted Mithun Ghosh and Santanu Datta around 10:30 pm on Friday, wielding an axe. The situation escalated, and Pramod Ghosh managed to escape when locals rushed to the scene upon hearing their cries.

Subsequently, Mithun Ghosh and Santanu Datta, both seriously injured, were taken to Khowai District Hospital. Upon examination, doctors discovered that Mithun Ghosh had suffered broken legs from the axe blow.

In light of these developments, Mithun Ghosh’s wife filed a case against six individuals, including Pramod Ghosh, Minarani Deb, Pritam Ghosh, Prasenjit Gope, Ratan Gope, and Utpal Gope, at the Khowai Police Station on Saturday afternoon. Additionally, a counter-case was registered at the Khowai Women’s Police Station by Mithun Ghosh, Dhritiman Dey, Santanu Datta, Ratan Ghosh, Radharani Das Ghosh, and Moushumi Modak, pertaining to the same incident. The legal proceedings will shed light on the complexities of the situation and attempt to resolve the issues arising from this violent clash.

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