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Wild Elephant Rampages Persist in Teliamura, Residents Demand Urgent Action


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 4th January 2024 :   The residents of various areas in the Teliamura sub-division are living in constant fear as wild elephant attacks persist unabated, leaving villagers distraught and the local Forest Department seemingly inactive.

The latest incident occurred on Wednesday night in Madhya Krishnapur area when a wild elephant went on a rampage, entering houses and even overturning a man’s Bolero pickup.

Despite the distress of the villagers, the Teliamura Forest Department has been criticized for its perceived inaction, described as “hibernating like a shameless prostitute” by frustrated locals. The department’s delayed response to the incident has fueled anger and frustration among the affected communities.

The owner of the damaged Bolero pickup, along with other local residents, made frantic efforts for nearly half an hour to drive away the wild elephant before it eventually retreated into the forest. The Teliamura Forest Department reportedly took over an hour to send a volunteer to the scene, further aggravating the dissatisfaction among the affected populace.

This incident is just one in a series of ongoing conflicts between wild elephants and the local residents, with the former often venturing into human habitats, causing significant damage and instilling fear among the villagers.

Local residents have expressed their growing concern and disappointment with the Forest Department’s seemingly inadequate response to the escalating human-elephant conflicts. The continuous attacks have raised fears among the villagers, prompting discussions about the possibility of organizing a large-scale movement if the situation does not improve.

As the residents struggle to find a solution to the persistent menace, the call for urgent and effective measures to address the human-elephant conflict in Teliamura is growing louder. Authorities are urged to take immediate action to safeguard both the wildlife and the well-being of the affected communities.

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