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Women block road demanding Drinking Water at Udaipur


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 8th November 2023:   Local women from the Rayaibari area in Udaipur’s Killa staged a protest today, blocking the Udaipur Killa road to draw attention to the acute shortage of drinking water plaguing their community. The road blockade, which commenced at ten in the morning, saw no response from government officials until noon, leaving the protestors frustrated and agitated.

Residents claim that this issue has persisted for an extended period in the area, despite repeated complaints made to the Drinking Water Department. Allegedly, these complaints have fallen on deaf ears, with no substantial action taken by the department to alleviate their predicament. The protestors have issued a demand that the blockade will continue until the Gomati District Collector personally visits the site to address their concerns and find a solution to the water crisis. Furthermore, the blockaders revealed that they have been forced to rely on rainwater for their daily needs, highlighting the dire straits they find themselves in due to the chronic lack of a reliable water supply. As a consequence of the road blockade, numerous vehicles found themselves stranded on both ends of the affected road, causing significant disruption to local traffic. Killa police swiftly responded to the scene to maintain order.

The community’s plea for adequate drinking water and the subsequent protest serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for intervention in this matter. The women’s determined stand signals a call to action for authorities to prioritize and expedite the resolution of this critical issue, which has plagued the Rayaribari area for far too long.

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