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Wood Mafia accused of molesting woma, house burnt; Allegations of negligence by Panisagar Police Station


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, July 13, 2023: In a distressing incident, a woman in the Majfurdoyar area of North Panisagar subdivision has been victimized by the wood mafia led by Benuram Reang. The woman alleges that she was physically assaulted and her house was set on fire by the mafia and their accomplices. Despite seeking help from the Panisagar police station, the victim claims that her case was neglected, and she continues to face intimidation.

According to reports, the woman, currently undergoing treatment at Panisagar Hospital, revealed that her husband, AR Reang, is involved in the illegal smuggling of Chorai timber. He is believed to be collaborating with the wood mafia, including Benuram Reang, in timber theft from protected forest areas.

On the night of July 11 last, the victim’s husband instructed her to bring liquor and meat to their house for a gathering with relatives. Obliging her husband’s orders, the woman arranged the wine and meat. Benuram Reang and another individual named Chiran accompanied her husband to their house, where they consumed alcohol. Later, in a disturbing turn of events, the woman’s husband physically assaulted her and attempted to rape her. Allegedly, the wood mafia members also assaulted her husband. Failing in their attempt to rape the woman, they resorted to setting her house on fire. Thankfully, the woman and her 4-year-old child managed to survive the incident. The matter was reported to the Panisagar police station that night, and Sub-Inspector Biswas Saha promptly arrived at the scene. The victim was admitted to Panisagar Hospital. However, despite the woman’s repeated complaints, the police have not yet filed a case.

Disturbingly, there are allegations that the police station is involved in corruption. It is claimed that a monthly bribe of Rs 10,000 is paid to the police. Sources suggest that Benuram and Chiran visited the police station the morning after the incident, raising suspicions of monetary transactions taking place. Rumors circulate within police circles that the Panisagar police station has transformed into a hub of illicit activities, becoming a lucrative business establishment in recent times.

As the victim awaits justice while recovering in the hospital, concerns arise about the fate of this case. Will the Panisagar police station take appropriate action, or will this incident be swept under the rug? The situation leaves the victim grappling with the ordeal, highlighting the need for justice and accountability in our society.

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