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Youths vandalized Madhupur electricity office over power outage issue


By TC News Desk

Agartala, August 22, 2022: Taking advantage of darkness, a group of youths vandalized Madhupur electricity office as entire Madhupur area was suffering from power outage.

It is reported that the group of youths led by alleged son of the ruling Panchayat Pradhan carried out this rampage at Madhupur electricity office. At night, the locked office was broken and vandalized computers, tear off documents and broke the glasses of windows. The level of violence was so cruel that during the night the two office workers’ food were snatched. The youths complained that they carried out this rampage due to non-availability of electricity.

On the other hand, the electricity workers said that the workers have been working for a while due to the lack of electricity, and this rampage has taken place. In this regard, a case has been filed against the miscreants with Madhupur Police Station on behalf of Madhupur Electricity Office.

Meanwhile, the police of Madhupur police station has started investigating the incident by taking up the case of vandalism of government property. According to sources, computers and telephones were smashed and documents were taken away.

Besides, it is alleged that the lock of the senior manager’s room was broken and valuables were not taken. Now let’s see what comes out of the investigation, or the leaders of the ruling party will be suppressed like other incidents even after the attack or vandalism.

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