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Thursday, June 13, 2024

INDI alliance depressed after 5th phase of polling: PM


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday that the fifth phase of Lok Sabha election polls in the country has ensued for the Modi government in the country for the third time, and as a result, the INDI alliance is deep into depression.

Addressing an election rally in Basti, the PM said, “Five phases of polling have been completed in the country, and these five phases have confirmed the Modi government for a third term in the country. For this, you don’t need to look around; just see the statements of the leaders of the INDI alliance. Everyone is telling different statistics,” he said.

He said, “If you seek their old records and results, you will get confidence that the entire INDI alliance is so deep into depression that they were not aware of their statements two days ago and today. This is their situation. All of you are intelligent people who will not waste their time and energy. Now you tell me that one vote cast in favor of the SP or Congress is of any worth. It is worthless,” he said.

Modi said that every vote should be cast for whoever the people want to form the government, and there is a guarantee of forming the government. “Cast your vote for Viksit Bharat and Atmna Nibhar Bahart,” he said.

He said that January 22 is a memorable day that every child remembers. “When I say January 22, the country automatically responds, ‘Jai Shri Ram’. “On that historical day in Ayodhya, I said, “Toward nation from Ram, from heritage to development, and from spirituality towards development.”. And today, the country is moving forward with this mantra,” he said.

The PM said that India has become the fifth-largest economy in the world. “Today, India’s stature and respect have increased,” he said.

Referring to Pakistan, he said that the country that patronized terrorism and used to threaten India is nowhere. “While Pakistan has lowered its guards, its sympathizers, the people of the SP and Congress, are trying to threaten India. You will be surprised to hear what they say. They say to be scared of Pakistan as it has atom bombs,” he said.

Modi said, “Today, India does not have a weak government of Congress; India has a strong government of Modi. India does not want to scare anyone, but it will not spare anyone who will try to scare it.”

He said that he is surprised by the re-release of two shahezadas of Congress and SP. “These shaezadas are now jointly spreading rumors that they will win 79 seats in UP. On June 4, the people of UP will wake them from slumber, and they will blame the EVM,” he said.

The PM said that the dynastic families of the INDI alliance have broken all the records of appeasement. “Our country has been waiting for the Ram temple for the last 500 years. But the INDI alliance and its people have problems with Ram and Ram Temple. A senior SP leader says that Ram Temple is useless,” he said.

He said that the shehzada of Congress wants to overturn the decision of the Supreme Court on Ram Temple. “They are dreaming of putting a lock on the Babri lock on the temple and sending Ram Lalla back to the tent,” he said.

Modi said that the people of the SP and Congress were reminded of the Constitution all of a sudden. “This is the same Congress that imposed an emergency and made all efforts to end the constitution. This is the same Congress that does not follow the party’s constitution,” he said.

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