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Min Harish Rao highlights blood pressure as leading cause of heart problems


Telangana Health Minister T Harish Rao emphasised that high blood pressure is a significant contributor to heart problems.

He made these remarks during his participation in the World Heart Day program, organised by the Cardiology Society of India (CSI), Telangana Chapter, held at Durgam Cheruvu on Friday.

Minister Rao pointed out that while communicable diseases were a concern in the past, non-communicable diseases are now on the rise, primarily due to changes in lifestyle, dietary habits, inadequate physical activity, detrimental habits, and mental stress.

Citing a recent survey, he revealed that the state has seen a diagnosis rate of 24 percent for diabetes and 14 percent for high blood pressure cases. He further noted that the government is actively providing free medications for blood pressure and diabetes. Rao emphasised that early detection and treatment of these conditions are crucial to preventing chronic diseases that can harm vital organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver.

Highlighting the link between high blood pressure and heart problems, the minister shared the alarming statistic that approximately 15 lakh people in India lose their lives each year due to sudden cardiac arrests.

He stressed that sudden cardiac arrests can happen to anyone at any time, regardless of age or circumstance. He also emphasized the importance of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) in saving lives during such emergencies. He noted that many people have tragically lost their lives in public places like gyms while performing daily activities, dancing, or simply walking. Had there been individuals trained in CPR present, there might have been a chance to save them. Rao expressed concern that 98 percent of the population in India is unaware of this life-saving technique.

To mitigate the loss of life, Chief Minister KCR has taken the initiative to raise awareness and provide CPR training across the state. As part of this effort, paramedical staff, medical personnel, municipal workers, police, community volunteers, employees, representatives of residential apartments, staff, and commercial complex workers from various sectors have received CPR training.

The government is also procuring and installing 1262 automated External Defibrillator (AED) machines in all Community Health Centers (CHCs), Urban Primary Health Centers (UPHCs), and Basti hospitals. Additionally, the government encourages the installation of AED machines in gated communities.

Minister Rao advised everyone to take proactive steps to avoid high blood pressure and diabetes by maintaining a healthy body mass index (BMI), controlling sugar levels, avoiding harmful habits, and dedicating time to daily exercise and meditation.

He emphasised that a healthy Telangana and a healthy India can only be achieved if each individual prioritizes their health. World Heart Day, celebrated globally each year, is dedicated to raising awareness about heart-related health issues. This year, the theme is “Use Heart, Know Heart,” emphasising the importance of heart health.

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