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154 dead, 39 raped from a minority community in one year in B’desh


In 2022, 39 people were raped by the minorities of the country, including tribals and Hindus. Among them 27 victims of gang rape. 14 people were killed after the rape. 154 people were killed. One lakh 95 thousand 991 families have insecurity.

The Bangladesh National Hindu Mahazot gave these information in a press conference organized at Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) in the capital .

Secretary General of the organization Govinda Chandra Pramanik read the written statement at the press conference organized on Friday (January 6).

In the written statement, it is said that 424 people of the country’s minority were tried to be killed in the last one year. 62 people are missing. 849 people received death threats and 360 people were wounded and injured. Organized attacks 953. 127 people were abducted and 27 were attempted.

Stating that 445 families have been forced to leave the country, the report said, 89,990 acres of land belonging to minority communities have been encroached upon. 572 families were evicted from the homestead, 3 thousand 694 families attempted to be evicted, 35 thousand 800 families were threatened with eviction. 6 thousand 550 acres of land belonging to Mro, Tanchangya, Santal and Tripura hill tribes and 2 thousand 440 acres of land belonging to plains Hindus have been encroached upon. 15 thousand 115 families are threatened with emigration. Land of 51 temples has been encroached. There were 128 incidents of attack, vandalism and arson on temples, 481 idol vandalism and 72 idol thefts. 27 crore 46 lakh 33 thousand taka has been extorted. The total loss is 220 crore 89 lakh taka.

Govind Chandra Pramanik said that this report has been prepared by verifying the information published in various media of the country from January 2022 to December 31 and the information provided by the workers of the organization across the country. He said, 55 people were tried to rape. 152 persons have been converted. Attempts were made to convert 40 people. There were 179 cases of desecration of religious institutions and 129 cases of obstruction of religious ceremonies. Beef was thrown at a family, desecrating 333 people by eating religiously forbidden beef.

The Bangladesh National Hindu Mahazot believes that due to the degradation of democratic values, suppression of dissent and lack of practicing tolerance, an intolerant and hateful environment is being created in the country. The organization claimed that there were 127 cases of injury to religious sentiments. 791 people have been arrested, dismissed, dismissed and jailed in false cases. 1 thousand 657 families have been blocked.

The Secretary General of the Hindu Mahazot said that Bangladesh has become independent but the Hindu community of the country has never tasted freedom. Therefore, to stop violence and torture on minorities and to ensure their representation, he demanded re-establishment of 60 reserved seats and separate election system in the National Parliament, establishment of the Ministry of Minority Affairs and the creation of a post of Vice President and Deputy Prime Minister to be reserved for the minority community.

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