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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Allegations of inhumane treatment surface at GBP Hospital; Healthcare employees demands bribe of Rs 500


By TC News Desk

Agartala, July 22, 2023: A shocking incident unfolded at the GB Hospital on Saturday morning when health workers allegedly left a patient naked outside the hospital premises, exposed to the open sky. This incident came to light after the relatives of the patient at the hospital courtyard lodged a complaint with the media.

According to sources, the patient’s relatives claimed that they were forced to pay bribes to the nursing staff for proper medical attention. Each nurse reportedly demanded Rs 500, without which they refused to provide any services. This alarming incident highlights the unfortunate reality of bribery and inhumane treatment within the hospital’s premises.

In response to the allegations, a female health worker was seen laughing with a hint of mockery when asked about the matter. However, none of the health workers admitted to any involvement in the patient’s case. Moreover, the patient, who is said to be in a weak state, was found lying outside the hospital’s bed, lacking basic medical attention. Surprisingly, no one seemed to notice or care about this situation.

While some patients and their families have raised their voices against the unscrupulous conduct of certain health workers, it remains unclear if any higher authorities are behind such actions. The authenticity of these allegations is yet to be thoroughly investigated.

Incidents like these have tarnished the reputation of the leading referral hospital, and people across the state express their disappointment. This incident highlights the ongoing issues faced by ordinary citizens seeking medical services in various regions of the state. It is essential for authorities to conduct a rigorous investigation to ensure justice and uphold the standards of healthcare services in the state.

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