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BJP are ‘robbers’, looting away poor people’s earnings, alleges Manik Sarkar


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, January 08, 2023: Former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar on Sunday alleged that the BJP are ‘robbers’ as the leaders are looting the earnings of poor people and helping the capitalists to make them more and more big.

Addressing a rally organized by CITU state committee at Swami Vivekananda Maidan here, Sarkar said “In the assembly election of 2018, the situation was different as democracy prevailed, peace restored, terrorists were suppressed and larger section came back to normal livelihood, the honor of sisters and mothers were secured, working class people were actively holding movements to earn their rightful claims, Left Front government has been working for all despite of several problems faced to the central government policies and bringing funds for the development of the state.”

“On the other hand, the then Prime Minister is the same Prime Minister, RSS-BJP party leader took the Vision Document on hand and provoked the people of Tripura. It is a fact that the Left Front government intended to help the people but the central government was reluctant to assist the then government of Tripura. PM Narendra Modi and union Home minister Amit Shah were behind for preparing this Vision Document. In this, a section of people were misguided as they did not see BJP government in Tripura. The nationalized media houses owned by capitalists never display the problems faced by the common people in Tripura as the ruling party at the centre is working for their betterment”, he added.

Sarkar said “In the 2018 assembly polls, CPIM-led Left Front and CITU have tried to alert the people that the commitments made the vision document will not be fulfilled. The commitments made in the 2014 Lok Sabha election weren’t fulfilled. The saffron party in other states has not fulfilled the commitments made by their main face of their party. In Tripura, PM, the then party president who is now the union Home minister, incumbent union Defence minister, etc. were used to make people fool with commitments, do not believe them as you will be cheated, deceived, deluded, etc.”

He urged people not to invite crocodile by cutting stream and don’t hit your own leg with axe. “This party will take away the rights that have been earned. This party leaders are working day and night to protect the interest of capitalists and corporates. They are robbers. They are looting the earnings of poor people and helping the capitalists to make them more and more big. Evading the country by not paying taxes and fleeing from the country. These money are deposited in foreign banks and government fail to take action”, he also added.

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