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BJP uses money power, administration to win election in Tripura: CPIM


BY  TC News Desk

Agartala: March 02. The State Secretariat Body of Tripura CPIM on Thursday claimed that BJP has used unimaginable financial power and used administration to won this election.

In a statement the CPIM said that election held in a very slow process and today inordinate amount of time was taken to declare the results, which were undesirable.

“The results show that the BJP along with its ally IPFT managed to secure a majority of seat by a narrow margin. BJP has used unimaginable financial power to make this possible. Administration has been employed in various ways. Starting from the prime minister of the country, the central government has been used since long ago”, the statement said.

The party has further expressed its sincere gratitude and respect to those who voted for the candidates of anti-BJP political parties.

“In the face of five long years of one-party dictatorship and fascist terror, I heartily congratulate all the supporters and well-wishers of the CPIM who have played an important role in this electoral struggle to restore democracy, peace and harmony and the rule of law”, the statement reads.

Its further said that a phase of the struggle to restore democracy and the right of people to eat and live has passed through this electoral struggle.

“But in the days to come, the CPIM will continue its unceasing efforts to build up the people’s struggle on a larger and more comprehensive scale in the interest of the people, in the interest of the state, in the interest of the country”, it said.

They have further alleged that on the day of counting of votes, a section of workers of the ruling party tried to incite, physically assaulted the workers of the opposition party, attacked the offices of the opposition party and generally tried to heat up the atmosphere in some of the counting centers in the state and in the vicinity of the counting centers.

“We hope that the ruling party will take a responsible role to keep the environment normal. We believe that the Election Commission and the police and the administration will take appropriate roles in this regard”, it added.

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