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CITU leader Amal Chakraborty condemns ‘Tughlaki Farman’-style traffic restrictions for TomTom & e-Rickshaw in city


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, August 22: A leader of the CITU state committee Amal Chakraborty, represented the Tripura E-Rickshaw Workers Union and Tripura Rickshaw Workers Union in expressing their vehement opposition to the recent traffic directives. These “Tughlaki farmans,” as described by some, have stirred controversy and discontent among residents.

The most recent order pertains to the Post Office Chowmuhani-Kaman Chowmuhani route here, which prohibits the operation of TomTom and e-rickshaws between 5 pm and 7:30 pm. This move has drawn strong condemnation from various quarters.

During the joint press conference held at the CITU state head office here on Tuesday, Chakraborty decried what he characterized as a state of transport chaos since the government’s establishment in 2018. He highlighted the challenges faced by rickshaw workers, who have been grappling with the government’s reluctance to allow them to operate.

Chakraborty also voiced concerns about the deteriorating condition of stands and the lack of an organized system for vehicular movement through locations like Motor Stand and Chandrapur Stand. Additionally, he lamented the absence of resting facilities for workers and the mismanagement of Nagerjala, a facility established during the Left Front government’s tenure.

Furthermore, Chakraborty noted the absence of adequate parking facilities in the city, emphasizing the adverse impact on workers and the growing scarcity of employment opportunities. He criticized certain local leaders for allegedly engaging in unauthorized evening shop openings in the city.

Samar Chakraborty, President of the Tripura Rickshaw Workers Union, echoed these concerns during the press conference. He denounced the traffic restrictions as “absurd decisions” and criticized the government’s stance as “anti-worker” and “anti-poor.” He argued that the policies of the current government were adversely affecting the state’s working population, with repercussions felt daily.

As tensions rise over the recent traffic restrictions, the joint press conference underscores the growing discontent among various workers’ unions and their concerns regarding the state’s transportation policies.

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