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Contractual nurses protest at GB Hospital, demand permanent employment


By TC News Desk

Agartala, August 08, 2023: Contractual nurses staged a protest on Tuesday in front of GB Hospital’s dedicated Covid hospital, demanding permanent employment amidst the Corona pandemic. The nurses revealed that during the peak of the pandemic, they were hired on a contract basis, each paying a sum of Rs 20 thousand.

However, after the subsiding of the Covid pandemic, they were abruptly laid off from their positions. This cycle of being hired and retrenched has become a recurring pattern, leaving the nurses in a state of uncertainty about their future livelihoods. Despite their dedication and service during the health crisis, they find themselves without any job security.

In their pursuit of a secure future, the aggrieved nurses have sent multiple letters to the Chief Minister of the state, seeking attention to their grievances. However, their pleas have remained unanswered, leading them to take to the streets and protest in front of GB Hospital’s dedicated COVID facility.

During the demonstration, the nurses not only demanded permanent appointments but also highlighted the acute shortage of health workers in various hospitals, including state’s top referral hospital. They expressed concern over the lack of recruitment initiatives to address the shortage adequately.

Adding to their frustrations, the nurses reported that they have not received their dues since March of the previous year, further exacerbating their financial difficulties.

The protest continued for an extended period, as the nurses voiced their demands with determination and resilience. They hope that their demonstration will draw the attention of the Chief Minister and the relevant authorities to their plight, leading to swift action and resolution of their concerns.

As the state grapples with the ongoing pandemic and relies heavily on healthcare professionals, the issue raised by the contractual nurses’ gains significance, urging authorities to prioritize the welfare of these frontline workers and provide them with the job security and remuneration they rightfully deserve.

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