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Dharmanagar heist: Thieves raid rice shop amid rising burglaries, over Rs 1 lakh cash stolen


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 15th May 2024:   In a brazen act of theft that has shaken the city known for its tranquility and culture, Dharmanagar witnessed yet another daring burglary. Local businesses are reeling from the frequent and unchallenged thefts perpetrated by organized gangs. The latest incident struck the wholesale rice shop owned by Rathuram Ghosh, located near Durga Mandap in the bustling Dharmanagar market.

The heist was executed with precision late Monday night after Ghosh had closed his shop and returned to his residence in East Kameshwar. The shop left unattended overnight became the target of the thieves. Upon opening the shop on Tuesday morning Ghosh found a scene of chaos: the steel cupboard’s locker was forced open and the cash box within was broken.

The perpetrators gained entry by breaking through the wooden door at the rear of the shop, despite it being bolted and reinforced with wood. Using heavy tools, they managed to breach the door and proceed to ransack the shop. Ghosh reported a loss of approximately Rs 78,000 from the cash box and an additional Rs 37,000 from the steel cupboard’s locker.

The theft was promptly reported to the Dharmanagar police station. Sub-inspector Biswas Saha was quick to respond, arriving at the crime scene to document the incident and collect evidence, including the cashbox and the tools used in the break-in. The police have initiated a thorough investigation into the matter.

This incident took place in the heart of the city has raised concerns among the citizens regarding the effectiveness of the police’s night patrols. The community is calling for immediate action to curb the escalating crime wave and restore peace to Dharmanagar.

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