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Dharmanagar in disarray: Thieves steal gold chains, pendants and cash of Rs 60,000


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 15th March 2024 :  In an alarming development that has shaken the town of Dharmanagar, a brazen theft has taken place in the Netaji Para of Nayapara, casting doubts over the efficacy of the heightened security measures in place. Despite the deployment of police, CRPF, and BSF personnel in anticipation of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, the local populace remains gripped by fear as the threat posed by thieves shows no signs of diminishing.

The incident took place in the early hours of Friday morning, around 2:30 am, at the residence of Parimal Das, located in Netaji Para. In a calculated and silent operation, the perpetrators managed to breach the home’s defenses by dismantling the grill and prying open the iron door. The thieves executed their plan with such stealth that not a soul in the house stirred from their slumber, despite the commotion that must have ensued.

The aftermath revealed a startling scene: an open door, a contorted iron rod, and a vanished key. The household awoke to the absence of three gold chains, two pairs of gold pendants, and a sum of Rs 60,000 in cash. The mystery deepens as to how such a conspicuous act went unnoticed by the residents, raising questions about the possibility of opening an iron sheet door without generating noise.

This audacious theft has sown seeds of panic throughout the community, with many questioning the effectiveness of the police administration in safeguarding the citizens. As the investigation continues, the residents of Dharmanagar are left to ponder the security of their homes and the silent threat that seems to lurk in their midst.

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