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Dharmanagar Municipal Council regains government premises by demolishing illegal liquor shops


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, June 24, 2023: In a decisive move, the Dharmanagar Municipal Council has launched an operation to demolish illegal liquor shops that have been operating in the city’s Purba Bazar for over a decade.

The Purba Bazar in Dharmanagar has been plagued by ten illegal liquor shops, engaging in the unlawful sale of imported and domestic liquor. Under the Left Front regime, these illicit establishments flourished, exploiting influential figures to continue their unlawful trade. However, Dharmanagar MC’s Chairperson Pradyot De Sarkar, has taken a firm stance against such practices, prioritizing the well-being of society, particularly the youth.

With a joint effort between chairperson and the local police administration, on Friday night resulting in the successful clearance of the encroached government premises. The ten illegal liquor shops, selling both imported and domestic alcohol, were dismantled, marking a significant step towards reclaiming public spaces.

Chairperson Sarkar’s resolute actions reflect a departure from the politics of vote-bank manipulation, with a clear focus on serving the best interests of the community. Residents of Dharmanagar, have praised his unwavering commitment to eradicating drug addiction and protecting the younger generation. For years, these establishments have posed a threat to public safety and contributed to the proliferation of substance abuse. Chairperson Pradyut De Sarkar’s actions are seen as a significant milestone in reclaiming the city’s integrity and creating a healthier, safer environment.

As the government continues its mission to restore order and uphold the rule of law, Chairperson Sarkar’s proactive approach sets a remarkable example for other leaders, demonstrating that meaningful change can be achieved through unwavering dedication and a strong commitment to the welfare of society.

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