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Fish farming ceases in Amar Sagar, Udaipur amidst lack of reforms


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 29th April 2024 :   Fish farming operations in Udaipur have come to a halt due to a lack of necessary reforms. Reports indicate that five to seven ponds under the purview of the Fisheries Controller’s office, situated in the Amar Sagar West Bank area, have deteriorated into wastelands and overgrown jungles due to neglect and insufficient maintenance.

Over time, the failure to undertake essential renovations has led to the cessation of fish farming activities in the region. With no proactive measures taken by the authorities responsible for the Fisheries department, the once thriving ponds have fallen into disrepair, resulting in significant losses to the local ecosystem. Consequently, various species of fish, which were once readily available, are now fetching high prices in the market due to scarcity.

Residents of the Amar Sagar West Bank area express dismay over the situation, emphasizing that government-led fish farming initiatives could have ensured affordable access to fish for the populace. However, the lack of cultivation efforts by the Fisheries Department has not only led to the deterioration of the ponds but has also deprived the community of a cherished source of nourishment.

As the ponds continue to degrade, urgent action is warranted to revitalize fish farming practices and mitigate the adverse impacts on both the environment and the livelihoods of local residents.

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