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Journalist leads initiative to combat rising criminal incidents through awareness camp at Kanchanmala


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 29th April 2024 :   Amidst a concerning surge in criminal activities, including child marriage, cybercrime, and drug-related issues plaguing the state, a proactive initiative spearheaded by a local journalist has emerged to address these pressing concerns.

In response to the escalating criminal incidents attributed to a lack of awareness, a one-day awareness camp was meticulously organized on Monday afternoon in the Muslim neighborhood of Kanchanmala area. The initiative aimed to foster a society freefrom the shackles of child marriage, cybercrime, and drug abuse.

The catalyst behind this vital undertaking was a journalist from the Kanchanmala area, whose proactive stance resonated with concerned citizens and stakeholders. Among the dignitaries present were Sharmila Chowdhury, a distinguished member of the State Child Protection and Rights Commission; Ranjit Debnath, Officer-in-Charge of Amtali Police Station; and Pradeep Kumar Majumder, representing the Kanchan Mala Gram Panchayat.

Joining forces with the journalist were fellow media professionals Amit Chowdhury, Mithun Mia, and Samarjit Chowdhury, collectively championing the cause for a safer and more informed community.

Throughout the course of the awareness camp, attendees engaged in extensive discussions shedding light on the legal ramifications of child marriage, the detrimental effects of cybercrime, and the imperative of fostering a drug-free society. Emphasizing the gravity of the situation, speakers lamented how these societal scourges have ensnared individuals across all strata, underscoring the urgent need for collective action and education.

Reflecting on the day’s proceedings, participants unanimously acknowledged that eradicating the menace of child marriage and substance abuse requires a concerted effort from every member of society. Education emerged as a pivotal tool in sculpting a more equitable and virtuous social fabric, with special attention devoted to empowering individuals to recognize, resist, and report criminal activities.

As the sun set on the day’s deliberations, the resolve to combat these pernicious issues burned brighter than ever. Armed with knowledge and unity, the community stands poised to usher in a future defined by safety, resilience, and compassion.

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